What Narendra Modi really did to this country

Dileep Kumar
11-12-2016 03:08AM
4 months ago

The latest scheme of our Prime Minister is "Demonetization". I Don't know whether it is going to be a success or not But, let's hope it will be a success for the sake of our standing positions in the long queues in front of the ATM. But, there is a huge success for his previous scheme "Digital India". Below Picture will explain you a lot of things but don't get bored keep reading...
  • When PM announced about Demonetization scheme the whole country was in front of the ATM But, a few lazy guys like me was figuring out what to do to survive in this situation apart from waiting in front of ATMs for hours. I didn't withdraw a single rupee from the ATM in these days. I was making the big transactions through the Internet banking only. I had a little liquid money which I was using for small transactions.

    To save my little liquid money I was just searching for the shops which are using Swiping Machines and Paytm. And Paytm company was also very fast in this situation. They smelled the future situation a very long ago and they marketed their product like hell in this situation. One day I was walking down the road and just saw a Paytm accepted board in the banana shop and I was shocked like hell. I got used to it from that day and everyone did. Now, a lot of small businesses are using Paytm.

    And now I have three options to survive this situation Internet Banking, Card swiping and Paytm. Every time I use Paytm to pay money I was thinking like Modi said Digital India nobody listened to him and now he said Demonetization everyone says let's go with Digital India.

A few days back a lot of don't what the hell Paytm is. Now, every person is asking in the shops like "Hey man Do you accept Paytm cash??" And the shopkeepers are like "Don't worry about the money we do accept Paytm as well as bank cards".

Let us hope the best for the development of our country.

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