Volkswagen Auto moving faster than other vehicles

Hemanth Pasagadugula
06-12-2016 07:14PM
4 months ago

Few days back me and my friend was going on Streets on a two wheeler vehicle (Yamaha FZ) . Suddenly some one made horn more than 3 times. We both looked at back. We got first surprise that Auto guy was riding on a road having full of traffic with speed of more than 70KMPH.
  • I left him space to overtake me. I got an other surprise. Me and my friend saw Volkswagen brand name at the back side of the Auto. We had lot of fun seeing the scene. The auto guy also riding the vehicle very fast like a Volkswagen Car. We thought he is having thug life driving the Volkswagen Auto.

Guys , Drive safe. Don't try to overtake any vehicles unnecessarily unless if you have any urgent appointment or something else. Because our lives are in our hands.

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