How it is look like inside girls rooms or flats ( 3 Points)

Dileep Kumar
08-12-2016 01:31PM
4 months ago

When you are walking into girls flat... You will definitely not feel like you are walking into a flat or room. I am sure that you will feel like you are stepping into shopping mall or something related to shopping mall.
  • For Example, One day I was invited by a friend to her flat to pick up something. She texted her address and I went there.
    Honestly, I was never been in a girls flat before. Finally, I reached the address she sent me and I knocked the door. Someone came and opened the door.

  • Someone opened the door But, I am not sure it is my friend or not Because she is all set with the beauty parlour things like face pack and hair ring like that. For one second I was thinking like am I stepped into a beauty parlour by mistake. But I I wanted to make sure it is the correct address or not then I told her I am here to meet my friend then she told yah it is the correct address she is my friend and she invited me inside.

  • Suddenly my friend came into sight and saying Hi. I was just clearing my head from the confusion and the I also replied Hi and stepped inside. OMG, I was like shocked once again and I asked her are running side business. I asked her this because I have seen a lot of footwears in a very good layout and then laughed and said no and then I was thinking like OK, they must have conducted a party with their friends at the back door and I asked what type of party you people are conducted. She was laughing very loudly and said their is no party it is just me and my friend and now you.

At last, I came to have a conclusion that two girls are staying in a flat and having more than two dozen pairs of footwear and also they are planning to buy more. I just picked up my things and ran out.

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