Fetch Tweets of Search query data by Twitter API using PHP ( 2 Points)

Hemanth Pasagadugula
04-01-2017 02:35PM
3 months ago

For Fetching the search query Tweets data from Twitter API, you have to first create a New Twitter app from the URL below:
  • After Creating the App, you need to use the below credentials:

    from the App you created in the code below. You need to download the TwitterOauth Library from the link and please use the same path while including in your project:

    require "abraham/twitteroauth/autoload.php";
    require_once 'abraham/twitteroauth/TwitterOAuth.php';
    define('CONSUMER_KEY', 'xxxx');
    define('CONSUMER_SECRET', 'xxxx');
    define('ACCESS_TOKEN', 'xxxx');
    define('ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET', 'xxxx');
    function search(array $query)
      return $toa->get('search/tweets', $query);
    $max_id = "";
    foreach (range(1, 2) as $i) {
      $query = array(
        "q" => "happy",
    "count" => 100
      $results = search($query);
      foreach ($results->statuses as $result) {

  • You an fetch the data you want as shown below:

    echo $result->user->name;  // Gets the Name of who Tweet Owner
    echo $result->user->id;       // Tweet ID
    echo $result->text;              // Gets the Message of Tweet

In this way you can fetch Tweets of Search query data using Twitter API

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