10 Problems which Night Shift Employees are facing now a days ( 10 Points)

Hemanth Pasagadugula
29-12-2016 08:03PM
4 months ago

Doing Jobs at rotational night shift is having many disadvantages and some advantages. Below are some points of night shift employees opinions. Night shift Employees live totally different Lifestyle compared to others.

  • Working at rotational night shift leads to sleeping problems. Your body will start facing some problems after working for some days. Very few members can lead these problems unless they take care of their health by managing regular timings of sleeping,eating,exercise,work etc.

  • You are not connected to the morning Life. So obviously you will never come to know the Gossips or Updates of what is going on at morning timespan.

  • You will get Dark circles around your eyes unless you maintain your sleep at regular timings. Be careful about that and you have to take care of your health.

  • You will hate the people going to office in the morning because you feel that they are very energetic while you are feeling sleepy.

  • You are addicted to tea,coffee,cigarette etc to overcome the sleep at night time. You feel that without those habits you cannot survive after working for few months as night shift.

  • Eating and sleeping at irregular timings which leads to Lung cancer and cardio vascular diseases unless you take care of regular timings.

  • All your friends upload photos in Facebook and other social networks as celebrating parties, fun meets,group fun etc. You feel that you are missing those as you feel sleepy at morning time. If you got any invitation to any party at morning time you have to attend the party forcefully , but you feel sleepy and cannot enjoy the party whole heartedly. You will enjoy if any Night parties instead.

  • While you resign from your Job in your Office, you cant communicate with HR directly because your HR will be sleeping while you are working and you are sleeping while your HR is working . To overcome this, you and your HR will schedule a meet in the morning at particular time to discuss about it irrespective of office hours.

  • You are having very much free time. You will enjoy that free time in your Life.

  • Your friends will get irritated because, you will communicate with them at night time when they are in deep sleep. You will ping them at night 2pm while they are in deep sleep.

So think before you do Night Shift Jobs. If you feel that you are Comfortable and strong enough to maintain correct intervals of sleeping,eating,exercise etc, then you can choose Night Shift Jobs and Enjoy the Night Life. Night Lifestyle is very exciting when compared to morning Lifestyle. So you will enjoy Night Life if you manage timeline correctly.

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