Terms And Conditions

This service allows loggedin users to upload,share posts,videos,pictures,stories and software programming codes. You are solely responsible for your use of service and any posts,videos,pictures and stories which are uploaded by you.

The user content that you upload or post is made public to other users. By uploading user content, you understand and agree that your username will be made public in relation.So, upload or post only your own data like the pictures or videos taken by you or owned by you and upload posts and stories which are written by you.

Please do not upload any of the data which is not owned by you and do not copy any data from any other websites. Incase we find anyone uploaded any content or data which is not owned by that perticular user, we will block ore remove that post immediately. If someone wants to claim the existing posts in our website please email us at how2createnew@gmail.com. we will take immediate action by removing the post and we will block the user as well as particular post.